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Powerful 6 cylinder!!

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Alright i have a 2010 6 cylinder sport edition (pics comin soon) and today i drove it 300 miles! All i can say is that the truck SHITS & GETS if you know what i mean ;) The truck has great power!
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8) Find some old tires and join the burnouts >:? Maybe spray some w-d40 in and out of the wheelwells first ;D
Those 4.0 engine sure do deliver! Cant wait to see the pics! And what kind of gas mileage did you get in that 300 miles?
i got 21 mpg!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so impressed and driving 300 miles going about 70 mph i still had a quarter of a tank!
Dang! Lucky! In my 3.0 I made a 200 mile trip 2 days ago. I got 21.3 mpg, average speed was about 70-75 mpg, and I had a quarter tank left. My 4.10 gears dont help the cause but still, yours is great! What gears are in yours?
Ill have to look that up. . . but ya im sorry i was gunna get pics last night but i was at a ducks unlimited shoot all day and it was dark when i got back. The truck was amazing and im glad i didnt get an f150 cuz of the gas mileage and the ranger was so easy to manuever (nice for a young driver) lol
Alright finally got some pictures! hopefully this one shows up cuz im not 100% sure on how to do all this. Ill put more on later after i give it a bath!!!
now u need 31 inch mud tires and it will look like a beast >:?
Or some 19" cobra rims and a drop kit... lol.... its a Sport edition! Sport as in Racing!
ewwwww no not with those fender flares are u kidding me those are offroad fender flares lol
ya thats not my best photography but get this, i washed it and it was beautiful! but then the pollen got on it. . . . now its yellow lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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