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Post your wrecked truck pics!

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I'll start with mine...

The story behind this is quite funny actually. I used to have this 99 Ranger that I used as a daily driver. When I bought my F150, I gave the truck to a buddy of mine because they were only gonna give me $500 for a trade in... We were riding to work one day and he was driving. He got caught up reading his mail, and then BOOM!, we hit a big ass brick mailbox... irony huh?

Well, I ended up with 8 stiches in my bottom lip from where my face hit the dash...

On to the pic (my favorite of the scene)...

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That is sad. What cars do you have now?
I have a 84 BII, the 97 Ranger in my avatar and my daily is a 2002 FX4 F150 Supercrew.

Collected them along the way... LOL
Yea bummer on the truck, the F150 is alot nicer though. Found the pics from the Yota flip. Give yall the story on that, I was on my way to work when a guy decided to pull into the side of my truck. That was followed by me runnig over his hood and putting me on two wheels and laying the truck on it's side to end up hitting a house. Walked away with some lacerations on my arm and a dead truck.

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That picture of you with the fishing pole is awesome... LOL

It should be in a magazine...
Yea I could qualify for ******* Weekly. I told the cop that was there that I was gonna get my pistol out of my truck and not to shoot me lol.
haha... what did he say?
He said it was fine to go ahead and get it, but to keep it in my pocket.
LOL... good times...
Yea do miss my Yota though. Have to say like my F150, very roomy and built for comfort.
sbgford said:
Yea do miss my Yota though. Have to say like my F150, very roomy and built for comfort.
Yes they are definatly comfortable. Especially with bucket seats.
Yeah, the bucket seats are a definite plus!
Yea miss mine had the nice camo seat covers and the camo roof that we did. Not to mention the 5 speed manual has it's perks when you just feel like having that extra bit of control. That's one reason why I bought the EDGE computer for my F150, you can program what rpm it shifts at when you wanna puch the gas lol.
I need to see if they make one of those for my 02 F150...
I hate posting my wrecked pictures, I walked away from the whole thing with out a scratch!!

Yes that's right I did the rollly oly mod.

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wow! my pic at the top was from hitting a brick mailbox... I was the passenger... LOL

I busted my bottom lip on the dash and had to get 6 stitches... :(
now for the sad part

have to love the red top batteries lights still on lol :eek:

so this is how it went. my buddy stop by my house and asked if i could take his daughter off roading. me go off roadin you freakin know ill say yes lol. so we head out drive all over hell and back start to head home. just then this jump comes out of thin air and i happen to go up in the air and to the left. i land on a mond of dirt and it rolls me over. so i get my dad out there with his 92 yota to flip it and i put oil in the motor and drive it home ten mile -

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Wow man, sucks about the truck man!

Is that blood on the windshield? Glad everyone was okay!
no blood at all factory seat belts and seats out of a ford prob worked like a dream lol i dont know how but the oil in the motor filled the heater box and flooded the inside of the cab

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Do you still have it?
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