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Performance or Style?

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Okay, I got some money for Xmas and im trying to decide on what to get with it. There are two options I gave myself that will be worth while for now and the future.

First is the Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Head unit. My old ass single din Sony headunit is on its last year overall. The amp no longer puts out 52wattsX4 speakers, the CD player skips pretty easily over hard bumps, and the radio cuts in and out completly. This headunit from Pioneer is normally $500 but i can possibly get it for $250 on ebay... here is the page for it... it is truely an amazing headunit!!!

Second is the Underdog Performance 4 piece underdrive pulley combo for my 3.0. This one is a solid $200 and the benifits i see coming from this is incresed hp and torque instantly, the engine will not work nearly as much unless i have fun with it, and the fuel economy will go up to where i can get more than 21 mpg on nothing but highway. Here is the site for the U/D pullies:

So what do you guys think? Give me the pros and cons you guys see in these options and let me know what you think i should do. Thanks!
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man is that a hard one lol give me a min. i love and need my music but if you did do the pullies you should get the fan at the same time.

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Hmm, very tough, its a question most battle when working on there truck you want it to look awesome, but be backed up by a kikass engine. I would go with the pulley though, i mean, nothing like being able to feel the power, and if your headunit will last a year, you could just save up until then. But who knows if youll be able to get the same deal!Gah! you are in a delima!
thats what im sayin but i made up my mind and pullies it is lol get er done ol ford

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Kevin514 said:
good pick:)
yeah if he ever gets 'em on! ;D
haha, yeah man. no kidding!
lol you still didnt get them on you do know that the nut spins on backwards for the fan right lefty tighty righty loosey
yep, sure do...
welll shoot lol
my bro got the one that the screen slides out and flips us. its a dvd player too obviously and its aweomse
I personally dont care for the flip out screens. I just dont care for a double din slot being taken up by a tiny single din stereo.
radio..those pulleys arent gonna get you much gain..its just "free'ing" up some power, not really gaining you any..and it will be minimal...maybe like 10hp at the crank!...which you wont really be able to feel
he already got them.. i think
Yeah I do, still arent in but I have them.
still never found someone to do it?
Not yet. Havent had time and money to look yet since i last posted. School and navy rotc have been taking up every hour i got during the day. Im gonna research more in the coming days with some shops to get some prices.
s of a b get them shits in already lol
haha. I will! Spring break in coming up so I gotta get them in for my trip to DC.
are you frickin' kiddin' me!? i've been gone for a month and a half and you still haven't got these puppies on yet!?
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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