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Parking brake problem!

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So, i engaged my parking brake today, and when i dissengaged it, it backed up fine, but when i go to drive, the back drivers side wheel is still locked up, ive tried re engaging and dissengaging the PB like 30 times, ran through the transmission and still its locked up! any help!?
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first i would tell you to look at the e brake cables. there is one for both sides they do come into one system by the back driver side tire but at times it can stick.if you cant find the prob there you will have to pull the brakes apart on the sticky side. hope this helps

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Yeah, you will probably need to pull the drum off to inspect the brakes closer. I've never had this issue before, but from the research I've seen that it tends to happen from time to time...
who needs rear brakes anyways? i went 6 months without them at one point and never even noticed it! lol... true story though!
thans for the help guys, unfortunatelty, my dad drove it up to the shop the other day and ruined the rear brakes so i just had to get new ones, we didnt replace the PB so ill just never touch it again!

I bet there's something wrong with the lever... My parking brake handle in the 97 broke off about 4 years ago... LOL

I use to have a pair of vice grips in the truck to disengage it... haha
sounds like a painful trip! Just carry around some good blocks in the back of the truck to use as a parking brake on the rear tires! lol... it works!
dont like waht?
its a ren and stempy thing but the fact that the brakes took a crap

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wow... ren and stempy... that's from back in the day! LOL
Dang, i havent seen one of those episodes in forever! The new cartoons suck! The old ones is are where its at!

In my old beaters it's the brake cable that causes this.Take your drum off and have a friend operate the e-brake, there is a lever that the cable is connected to, it should move with the cable. If there is no movement it's prob the rear cable but check if it's the front by pulling on the front cable (under the cab drivers side where the two cables turn into one) really hard by hand. If both rear cables move it's the front. Buy a book and the right tools (the best you can afford), it'll pay in the long-term.
make sure your friend don't push the brake peddle while the drum is off. :D just the e brake
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