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OlFordTruck's Streetglow LED setup

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This is the setup that I used for my truck any all cars that I work on as JBCustoms that has a music interface involved. I will add pictures of each component soon and post them onto this thread to help out with descriptions.

Note: All of the lights in this setup is Streetglow LEDs, including the undercar kit. Everything is run through the cig lighter and has enough power for it, even for my crazy amount of lights! Once neon is thrown into the picture a larger power source will most likely need to be used. That is because neons use a lot more power than LEDs! Plus neon gives off less light than LEDs so neon is just a waste if you ask me.

I have run with all my light on at a show along with the music running at high power ithout the truck on for 6 hours and it did not drain the battery a single bit. I am also still running a Motorcraft battery, havent upgraded to a yellow top yet.

Let me know if you have ?'s and I will get pics up soon for it.
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What did you put in that is illegal? Underglow?
The underglow is illegal... the grill LEDs and engine LEDs are both illegal... and for the interior anything that can be seen from the outside at car height level is illegal(which would be the vents and behind the seats since they glow on the ceiling).

That was the basic breakdown of it. And the interior legal ones are under the dash and the switch panel LEDs. You shall see when I post pics! lol
Blue lights are always illegal too... got pulled over once for blue corner lights... LOL ;D
Yup yup... blue and red... po po colors!
good to know
My underglow is the 7 color kit so Ive got more than just those two for that but its still illegal... im gonna try to upgrade to the 3 million color kit soon though.
So yours goes all 7 colors?
yep... I want the 3 million color one though.
just let me know if you want them from streetglow! I have a partial sponsorship as of now and get all streetglow for cheap compared to retail. Just let me know what you want and I can get an estimate from my retailer at streetglow headquarters in Wayne, NJ.
how much did your kit cost and what all did you get

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The undercar kit is a 7 color kit and i got at retail before my sponsorship. The rest is all my custom work as a combination of the music interface and a bunch of different size LED strips...

If you want an example on how much something like the 3 million color kit would cost, its around $330 retail but i think I can get it shipped for around $280 which is $50 off retail... not to mention the 330 is without tax and shipping and my 280 estimate is with both of those...

so just let me know if you even want an estimate for ya.
just hit me up on my email or on the site.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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