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olford this is

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hwere ur truck needs to be at low but not to low and with slicks on it in the rear and the tom guys stroker kit annnnnd a locker in the rear end ;) :super: :super:
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Haha, and where might I get all the money for this? I would love all of that! I would love one of the complete 4.4L Stroker V6 engines from him! That would tear up other V8's!
if u can help me get my ranger done up in neon and leds i'm sure i could exchange ur work for parts. interested? i'm driveing my ranger back to d.c. this summer soooooo what do u think?
What kind of parts? You got full stroker engines i dont know about? LOL
no thats on u lol i was talking about race slicks like i said before i worked in afew places and got connections or a locker for ur rear end and i might know someone that could get a very cheap loweing kit for me i can't get it all for u but maybe two things if u can do my truck up in red glows annnnd find a way to do that ford emblom with black where the blue is and red led leters
haha, well let me work on that and ill save up some money over my summer navy cruise.
i called my dad and he said his buddy has another new eaton locker for a 8.8
Really? Ive been researching if I should eventually get a locker or a limited slip. I guess if I plan to run a lot of power through this differential eventually I will want a locker.
but with that stroker kit or engine it would be a nice thing to have and i called my old manager at belle tire and he said he can get me some BFG G Force slicks for 90 bucks each so if u ever do this lowering ur truck thing i got ur back
Thats awesome man! Is it hard to install the eaton locker?
no it's a full kit u take ur old guts out and put this in so i'm sure u can do it my dad did both sooo
So can I use my 4.10 gears with it?
Olford, drive your truck to Michigan and we can bag it in my garage! That truck would look sweet all layed out!
it replaces them and it gives u new 4.10 gears like mine lol andif u drive it to michigan than i can insatll the locker and the slicks lol come on up
Im not sure if I can afford the gas it takes to go up there! LOL
from my house to d.c. it's 500 bucks there and back
yes your truck would look sick as hell slammed..
I think 3 to 4 inches off the front and back would look good. That would still give it the lower front and the rear a bit higher.
1 - 20 of 58 Posts
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