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ok i know this is kinda a ford site but i love this car

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it sounds amazing u have to turn ur volume way up for this people
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I don't know but the mustangs are sick
the camaro rocks man and yes the stangs are cool
Yep yep!!!
ok i love that car the thing i dont get is how there getting it to run with a cam that heavy the knock senser should have trip a engine code by now. here is another one just cuz i can lol

ok the super snake in blue o mmy godddd so many thing can be said all good for sure the sound of the super chager hell ya and the dash with the split screen and gps thats fuckin bad assssss for sure

love the twin turbo bullit the 99-04 sn95 body style is my fav
badinten that camaro is sexi lol
Have any of you guys heard of the original super snake from 67? There were like only 2 of them and one got destroyed some how and the other is in some museum. But anyway, Make-a-Wish foundation and the CARSTAR body shop chain got together and reproduced one of the old super snakes with a standard GT mustang. They made the car so legit that even Carrol Shelby thought that it was one of the originals. Its got the 427 CJ in it with 525 horse and like 13.1 compression is what I was told. The thing is pretty sweet. Its got red primer overspray on the bottom to make it look like it just rolled off the assembly line. It even has a few paint drips in it as well. The sweetest thing is that I got to drive the car. Granted I didn't get out of second gear, actually I probably could have left it in first but whatever. I also had to wash it and detail it and wax the whole thing.
Sick 8)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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