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ok i have an idea for the regions

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ok canada is huge of course. now the top of the usa touches canada and since the upper states each have their own regions. and 90 % of canadians live at the bottom of canada. what if the bottom provinces or states whatever yall call them lol srry. what if we add the ones that are close to the usa state regions together cuz afew people close to michigan said they wanted to go to our meet at silver lake. or should it just be the whole huge canada where it would be imposible for them to ever really get together like we can? danny, olford, and fordzilla what do yall think?
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That sounds like a pretty good idea. Anyone else?
cuz i mean it would be alittle easyier for them to feel welcome into the diff groups and give them a chance to do fun things lol thats my 2 cents lol
0.02$ :D
lol :D
hahahaha :D
That sounds good. Theres no rule that you can only be in one region group so Canadian guys can hit up the Canadian group and then join the bordering US group. That also goes for the rest of the regions. If you are close to the border of a region then just hit the other one up. The group leaders can just add a part on their page that says Bordering Members and under that list the name and what city/state so you can get idea for where the very close border guys are. Get it?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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