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Oil Filter Upgrade

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I was changing my oil today and got to thinking about how my dad used to use an extra long filter on our Chevy 350 so it would hold an extra quart. My rear main has a little bit of leak (1/2 quart every 2000 miles), so I was thinking it wouldnt hurt to have the extra oil capacity.

I got out my NAPA filter book and looked up the stock Ranger filter (4.0 and 2.0/2.3/2.5 use the same filter as the 7.5, 5.4 and many other Ford motors)

The stock Ranger filter is a 1515 (Napa #) and it is 3.6" around and 5.35" long with 3/4-16 threads. The O ring is inboard and has a 2.834 ID.

I ended up finding a filter with the same thread, diameter,and O ring, but its 6.982" long. The NAPA # is 1773. (the Purolater was L400017) I also found a 1333 is a little bigger around (3.7") and 6.982" long, but it is valved different it was 30psi where as the 1773 and 1515 are 8-10 psi.

The stock filter holds around .625 t.750 of a qt. The 1773 holds 1.25-1.50 qts. So in the end you end up with 1/2 qt more capacity. This filter would work on the 2.0/2.3/2.5 but you would have to put a 90* adapter in because it would be too long to fit in there.

Here are a few pics. It is still tucked up high enough to be protected.

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Nice find Plum it looks good.
I like little tidbits of info like this :)
"valved different it was 30psi where as the 1773 and 1515 are 8-10 psi." Does this mean the oil bypass pressure when/if the filter gets plugged? What is the reasoning for the difference? What was the 1333 and 1773 found on? Thanks, Richard
The 1333 filter was for some Turbo Deisel Volvo application, and the 1773 was labeled for Ford applications. I ran across a Fram number as well it was PH977A it was the same as the 1773.

The "anti-drain back" valve is a check valve that keeps oil from draining back into the crankcase after engine shut down. the valve is there to prevent dry startups.
Thanks for reply 8)
I wouldn't use a fram filter if me life depended on it. I've seen to many of where the internals collapsed.
Motorcraft # is FL-299
Sweet find plum! I bet that makes it a little easier to remove too! 8)
how much oil does the 4.0 hold and how much would it hold if i put the bigger filter on it ?
Holds 5 qts. with stock filter(So does the 2.3, and I believe the 3.0 does as well). The new filter adds 1/2 qt. more, so the grand total with the new filter is 5 1/2 qts.

thanks plum u help me out with alot of things lol ur the man :knight:
thats good info and the cross ref numbers are even better info bro. as far as fram filters i have had no prob with them at all.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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