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OHV question

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Hey guys I was just wonering how easy is a sunroof OHV out of an expo to install in a ranger . Thanks for any replys
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Sorry I meant OHC
well the others on here might know more but with trucks and cars anything can be done if u can do it right i'm sure this can be done if u can get the wireing right but it might take awhile to do it all if u know what i mean but the others are sure to help out more than me on this one good luck man
Its not really that hard. The hardest thing was doing the first cut into the headliner. After that you gotta put the OHC in cuz if you didn't there would be a giant hole in the headliner. I love having mine in the truck, except for some reason my temp reads about 5-10 degrees colder than what it should.
Is yours the sunroof version or the non sunroof one?
Get one from an Expo without a sunroof. It will have to garage door opener/sunglasses compartment, and will be a little bit smaller and fit tighter to the headliner.

sunroof OHC on left non OHC on right

Here is mine with the lighted Expo visors too.

The wiring isnt to bad at all. Just have to tap into constant power, switched power, dash lights, dome light, VSS, run two wires to the temp sensor, and a ground.

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see others know more ;) thats y this site is one of the best
i would go for the non sunroof one but those are realy hard to find around here and i found a sunroof one that is 25 bucks. but would the sunroof version work?
It will work. I can get you a non sunroof OHC and send it to you. They are dime a dozen around here. I could probably get one to you for around 25 bucks. You have gray interior right?

Whats your postal code up there? Ill get a ship quote.

thanks plum and its V4W3A3 and yea its gray
does anyone know were the temp sensor is located on expos with OHC
Raditor core support behind the driver side (i believe it's this side) headlight
okay great thanks danny
Looks shipping is almost 20 bucks, so for 30 total I could get one for you.

Stuff that sucker in a flat rate box! ;D
i think i might as well get the sun roof oone cuz its 25 obo and the expo was in a roll over so he said he would take whatever he can get for the parts and i was think 20 buck is pretty fair with the bracket, sensor, wiring and console and i could probably get it this weekend but if you can talk me out of it than ill go for the one you got plum.
rngrdanny22 said:
Stuff that sucker in a flat rate box! ;D
To Canada?
oh yeah... nevermind... LOL
sorry plum I will take the OHC if yu still want to send it I think $30 was the price so yea I'll take it I just need to know how to get the mney to you so you can get the console to me so message me back thanks
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