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Does anybody have any insight or experience with the following problem. . .

I have a 2010 Ford ranger 2.3l 4cyl reg cab and for maybe a month and a half now I've had the O/D light come on& stay on while blinking. I see it only happens when I hit a certain speed (55-65MPH) and stay at that speed for about 30 seconds to 1 minute then it will start to blink. When I shut the engine off it'll clear the dash until I go driving again and hit around that same MPH then the O/D Light will start blinking again.

99.8% oF the time it came on while I was driving on the highway, I-95.
Only one other time it came on when I was going approximately 45-48MPH &I don't believe I was on the highway that time.

I noticed when The O/D light first came on I went to check the trans fluid, I put the truck on level ground while it was warmed up and in Neutral only to see the lvl was WAY down. Down below the cross hatch pattern on the dip stick, below the markings for the lowest point of the hatch pattern.
I went and bought mercon 5 and it took in about 1&1/2 qts. I gradually put it in.

I thought the low trans fluid was the reason for the O/D light coming on and blinking on the dash but so far it hasn't gone off as of yet.

I know sometimes it takes the computer a while to adjust &correct itself but so far the O/D light is still showing up.

I have another issue where I have to go and disconnect the battery at the terminal after every trip when I am shutting it down and/ or parking.

I researched the issue online and it looks like it could be a range of things. From tranny problems to a dirty speed sensor that needs cleaning.

Another question.. can someone tell me where the speed sensor would be located on my model make yr truck, A 2010 ranger 2.3l 4cyl reg cab. I looked online and couldn't get an accurate read out on WHERE it is located....
I'd like to start with the simple things to check them first and God willing I'll be Severely blessed where it won't be an overwhelming costly fix. One that I have no where near enough the amount of money it'd cost for fixing it to begin with.

Is the vehicle alright to continue on driving while I am researching and looking into how to fix the blinking light? I have a long distance to travel about 2 hr one way and 2 hr back. A couple of times I have to make this trip too and I'm wondering if I can drive it, while looking into the problem researching how to fix it?
What would happen if, let's say for instance the blinking light was never fixed and just left to keep on blinking as is and I keep on driving it?
Not saying that I am going to leave it!

I'm thinking outloud
I don't expect anyone to know all of these answers.

I know && understand when folks say to have the codes read and take the vehicle in to have iT looked at, get multiple estimates and all of that jazz however I'm trying to fix this issue myself.
I'm used to fixing my own vehicles since forever so I'm not running to any shop for anything, let alone an estimate.

I'm looking for folks who know of this issue or who have had this issue and can fill me in on what's the what.

By the way this truck's been used like a regular car would have been with light use on it. Not run into the ground. It's never had any real work load put on it. Meaning it's never been worked hard, At all, which should be a plus I would think as for how long it holds up and lasts.

Thank you!
- Kay
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