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Ok ... Well I thought I'd never own a Ford yet .... Here I am. :)
I've just bought a 1999 Ranger XL SuperCab 4.0l v6 pickup. Not a spec of rust anywhere. Even a quick exam of the rocker panels beneath the doors show them to be immaculate. 122k miles so my guess that it seen very few winters where it was on the road. Could have even been driven by some grandpa.... lol

Ok. So here goes.
1. I went through all the "scheduled" maintenance items and because it's never been noted that it's had any maintenance done I'm going to change all scheduled fluid changes ( transfer case, transmission, coolant ) along with spark plug, wire, and fuel filter replace.

2. Right after I bought the truck I was on vacation so left it with a garage to fully inspect to find any gotcha's that might be hiding. They said truck was in great shape. However, the reason that I'm here.

It's been years since I've owned a 4 wheel drive vehicle. When I test drove the truck I put it into 4wd just to make sure that it went in. It did. Drove it back to the dealer bought the vehicle and then drove it home. The next morning day before vacation I got in and wanted to take a longer slower more conscious drive paying attention to ride feel, drive feel, and sounds etc etc etc. So back out of driveway not much ... put it into drive and it feels like it drops into gear and then bang up against the gears ( so to speak ). Having driven it for a week I stop at a stop sign it's like the transmission continues to advance, just like a little bit, and then when I give it the gas it like bangs into gear and off it goes. No other issues with any other gear or downshifting. Now the sound that I hear is reminiscent of the sound I heard, decades ago when helping my dad do some vehicle maint, of what sounds like the U-Joints that have gone bad on a drive shaft.

No I had explained this to the shop when I dropped it off and they said it's just a truck being a truck nothing to worry about nothing looked to be amiss. However, I just can't get over the feeling that this is not something that should be felt. Has anybody come across this drive issue with Rangers or any other 4wd vehicle? What was the cause and or remedy?

One of the things that is listed in the scheduled maint is lubricating the half-shaft which I'm going to assume is the sliding shaft that connects the front axel to the transfer case. I will have them look at those joints in particular and quote me replacing the joints if they are replaceable. But I'm hoping for some feedback.

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