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nice pic of the 88 after paint

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well, after its been scratched up a bit from goin in those tight spots lol

i found this pic from the summer and i really like it so here ya go

and heres before paint lol dont laugh:

i love the flat black much better

build thread is in my sig, she will soon be 4x4, now its just a 4x2 with a 3" body lift lol
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I like suede better too, but the orange/black wasn't bad
meh it wasnt bad
i liked it tooo
I like the orange and black! BALTIMORE ORIOLES!!! LOL, the black looks good too!
i like it to ,orange is my fav color thats what i am painting my ranger. mybe a pin strip to break up the black and orange
Truck is looking good man!
Yes looking good.
Very nice Jeffey
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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