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Just got my first Ranger on Wednesday. Traded my beloved 2017 Tacoma TRD 4x4 Off Road for a 2021 Ranger Lariat with off road and towing packages. Never planned to sell the Taco but the Ranger gives me 1100 lbs more towing capacity and slightly more payload. My wife and I are retired and starting RVING last summer with a sort of light weight travel trailer and even though the Toyota was capable, some long grades made me a bit nervous when truck continued to run about 5000 RPM. Also I’m hoping for a tad better gas mileage with the Ranger.

Anybody else have a 2021 they tow with? I’m needing a brake controller and wondering what others use. I had a Tekonsa P3 in the Taco but I’m thinking about the Redarc Pro trailer elite so it will have that factory look but so far I can’t find the factory wires behind kickplate to splice to or a pig tail made specific for Ranger. Anybody have suggestions?

Thanks for reading,
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