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Well to start ive been getting on this forum every day for the past month and its GREAT! Im almost 16 and later this week i should be buying a 2010 ranger sport ext. cab. I plan to post some pics of the ranger as soon as i buy it.
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Welcome! Happy to have you! And I cant wait to see the new Ranger! What color you getting it in?
I liked the dark gray at first but that vista blue really got my attention. And supposedly i get a free rhino line bed liner with the purchase of the truck
My dad's 07 Mustang GT is the Vista Blue and it sure is a damn good looking color! And a free rhino line? Youve got it made man! At least with the extened cab sport you will get the 4.0 in it! Getting 2wd or 4x4? Where are you located?
sweet welcome
Welcome to the greatest site on the planet... 8)
Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see the pics!
The ranger is a 2wd which kind of sucks but i see a lift and tires in the near future!
It seems the majority of race trucks are two wheel drive so your in good company 8).
Ya well i have to say i was more of an F150 fan but as i looked into the ranger, i fell in love! and for the price and same reliability you cant beat it
I agree with that ....
16 years old and getting a brand new ranger,lol your one lucky guy.
you could not start out in a better truck imo welcome
Probably hold on to it as long as I have, eh ;D...
welcome and kick asssssssssssssss fresh new truck to do work in
Airtruksrus said:
Probably hold on to it as long as I have, eh ;D...
welcome to the site. you got a sweet start in that new truck now lets see you make it your own. what are your ideas? :lamp:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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