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New window Tint Today!

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For Christmas, my wonderful grandmother gave me money to have my windows tinted on the Ranger! It's in the shop as I am typing this. I decided to go with 15% on the three back windows because I value seeing while backing. On the front two, I went the the legal 35%. I think it will be just right! Pics to come after my lunch break (hopefully).

I went with a local guy who's been doing it for years. I talked to a guy i work with and he said this guywas doing it when he was in school. He offers a lifetime warranty on any defects in his workmanship. The only thing he doesn't cover is if it turns purple because of using wrong cleaner (with ammonia). I don't blame him on that though. I have personally seen his work and it is AMAZING. My fiance's daddy had his F-150 wheels done by him and i thought they were factory tinted when i first met him. Ya'll have to deal with crackberry pics today as I forgot my camera at home :(

WOW these pics make my truck look awful! Ill get better pics when i get it cleaned up and use the fiance's new camera!
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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