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New wheels idea!?!?!

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So around the lugs on my rear wheels the clear coat is pealing and looks like sh** so im thinking about painting them and this is one idea im thinkin...

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it dont look bad but you could also strip the old clear off and re clear them also
ya but with the outlaws all the little rivet type stud deals that are around the the inside of the wheels would be a pain to deal with stripping them and clearing, im thinkin just painted them all gloss black, or silver or what i posted. i would really like some 08 fx4 17's with low pro's for my truck but more money then i want to spend and then i dont get my staggered width look i like.
ok i like it but i hate it lol
the reasons being the silver lip is to silver it makes it look like there isn't enough black and doesn't look good with the color of ur truck
on the other hand i like the black rims idea with ur truck maybe if it was all black photo shop the rims all black and post it well if u want to that is
and what about some FX4 level II alcoa rims like mine a guy on here is selling his
first off i dont get the whole alcoa wheels things there fucking ugly lol its a butt ass stock micky kinda rim. now for the photo you posted i really like it but what if you did a deep dark blue it would match better and if you can polish the lip on the rim it would look sick.
yea i know i hate my alcoa's lol y do u think i'm getting new black painted rims with teflon coating hehehehe
lol im just saying i like my rides to stand out and 91 has a good idea he just needs to fine tune it a lil bit
thats what i was trying to say lol afew fine tunes and it will be ferfect and i love the idea of deep blue paint insted of black bad inten have u seen my new rim idea post with the poll lol i hate my alcoas
lol ya i posted in it lol
first off i dont get the whole alcoa wheels things there fucking ugly lol its a butt ass stock micky kinda rim.
Im not the only one that thinks that! lol. Those rims are pointless and retarded. Looks like someone took a large diameter drill bit to a solid rim and drilles holes in a circle. Whoop-dee-doo! lol
ok so i dont have photo shop how about this you guys want to take my pic and customize the wheels to what you guys think will look good and ill just pick from there lol?
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i like the wheels not the pealing though... i dont want to spend the money on new ones cause i pretty made my truck to these wheels so ya i kinda have to make them nicer because as soon as my paint is doen the wheels will be the thing bring the truck down.
i like the deep blue idea that would be sick what do u think ?
honestly i would have to see it before i could say.
use paint on ur computer and find out for urself lol
lol ok i have some black rims i just had powder coated you should buy them from me. there in the fer sail section
So im pretty sure im just going to go all black with the wheels. I got it with black wheels and i think they just fit the best :)

Ill post some new pics when i finish them!
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