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new to the site

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well my name is kyle im 16 and i live in ga. i have a 2002 ranger xlt 2wd.
i just put in a new alpine head unit, and 4 infinity kapa speakers sounds amazing
i would love to put a lift on it but i didnt know since its a 2wd
putting pics up soon
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Welcome to the forum kyle! sounds like a nice truck. you could put a 3'' lift on it and it would look pretty sick but with it being 2wd i wouldn't go any taller.
Welcome from snow covered Virginia Beach!!! The truck sounds sweet! Cant wait to see some pics! Fill out the profile too so we can learn more about you and your truck!
Welome from Utah. lets see some pics!
welcome to the site man
Welcome aboard! What part of GA are you from?
welcome lad ,pics make us happy. and theres no reason not to join us high riders ;)
sloue said:
welcome lad ,pics make us happy. and theres no reason not to join us high riders ;)
high riders eh? what about low riders? lol, you could get some 2 inch blocks and join the edge riders! LOL
;D ;D ;Dhavent been a hiigghh rider for over 10 years LOL
oh wow sloue! your crazy man!
ha or he could just get a 2" lift for just over $100 does anyone have any thoughts on that by the way? i saw it online and i was wondering how well that would work and that?
Welcome to the greatest ranger forum IN THE WORLD as BADINTEN says Ranger Porn hahahaha
hell ya its ranger based ride porn and i love it loll welcome to the site cant wait to see more from you and just cuz its 2wd dont mean you have to stop at 3inches im pushing 12" right now thank you very much
welcome pics pics pics
ya where are you and the pic bro
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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