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New Ranger... Lifting Advice?

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Hey guys,
I'm interested in lifting my ranger... its a 2004 extended cab edge 4 door 4x4. I guess I'm looking for a price range of lifting, and how much to lift. I don't want anything ridiculously lifted, but I'd like to see some pictures of 3", 4", 5" and 6" I guess. I'm also looking for any suggestions you guys have. Thanks!

~The Swampy Ranger
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I'm not super familier with torsion bar lifts for these trucks, but I believe they run up around the cost of $2,000 and more for a 4" suspension lift. You can get about 2" in the front if you crank your torsion bars and that is free, but recommended to get an alignment afterwards. A body lift is cheap and relatively easy install. A good body lift kit cost around $200 if I am not mistaken.
X2 West. The torsion bars will give you 2 more inches and if you want the lift for looks then body lift is the way to go but dont do too big of a body lift or else it will look bad seeing the frame sicking that far under the cab. What tires are you looking on getting with the lift. The tire size should be the influence on how high you lift.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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