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New member With question 05 edge 3.0

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I recently added a intake system, by doing so its throwing a code P071, starts horrible(feels like it has an enormous cam) then cleans itself out and actually runs really good. However my engine lite is on and it's not right!
Things I've done...
- new plugs/wires
-all 4 02 sensors
Thank you in advance!
2005 Ranger Edge 3.0,Automatic.
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It means the ECU isn’t providing enough fuel for the air it supposedly measured coming into the engine.
Despite what you said, you either have a leak around/after the MAF (more air is going into the engine than is being measured) or your fuel pump isn’t providing enough fuel.The only way to get a lean condition without an error is to purposely reflash the ECU as I know from working with auto xloo. Anything else (that triggers a P0171 code) means it’s uncontrolled and could easily runaway into irreparable damage. I wonder what happened next, and how did you solve this problem? Waiting for your story.
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