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I recently purchased a 2021 Ford Ranger XLT FX4 Off Road and I absolutely love it! I belong to a similar forum for Harley-Davidson's so I wanted to start off the right way with an introduction. My last Ford truck was a 1994 Ford F-150 standard cab and after starting a family in 2001, I had to sell that truck. Since then, I have always owned the "practical" or "family" cars so needless to say, I'm excited to finally be back in a truck! I live in Minnesota and have been a high school Mathematics Instructor for almost 30 years. My other favorite ride is a 2016 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited.

Since purchasing my Ford Ranger, I've added some accessories . . . Engine cover, tailgate dampener, OEM Ford splash guards - front and rear, Begrug Impact Bed Mat, Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover, Black Stainless "Ranger" lettering for the tailgate, Ford anti-theft tailgate attachment, and an extra set of bed tie down hooks. I'm still debating about adding the Raptor front grill and lights. Would love to add a 2-inch leveling kit for the front end but worry about voiding part of my lifetime warranty the dealership offered.

Thanks for having me . . . I look forward to learning from the experts on this forum and maybe even contributing from time to time. I know there are some concerns/issues - fuel in oil, spongy brake pedal (which I am experiencing and have an appointment with the dealership along with a copy of the service bulletin), carbon buildup due to GDI. Not sure if I'll add a catch can or not as it looks like that could mess with the warranty as well. My dealership offers a lifetime powertrain warranty and for an additional (one-time) fee of $90, it covers seals and gaskets as well. I just have to make sure I have well-documented service to prove I've done my part.




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