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My name is Brian, I have a 2006 ranger. Nothing to fancy, mostly stock unfortunately. Any ways here is picture of my beast.Some of you might know me from rangerpowersports
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Looks good man! Is it a 4x4?
Unfortunately no, :'(. Oh well, work with what you got. I do plan on lifting it a little bit though.
that's ok though! a lift would definitely look good on there... you going for about 4"?

I think it would look sick with 4" and 33's!
I was think 3" with 31's for now.
can't go wrong there... would give it a nice mean stance...

you going to get new rims? I always liked the look of black rims on white trucks...
I plan on putting soft 8's on. But i want to work on the lift first.
one thing at a time! LOL

and where are my manners?

Welcome to the site!
I'm sure I will be sticking around. RPS gets a little annoying some days.
haha... I hear ya!

I probably went over a year without getting on there... just really got back in the mood to work on my truck and started going again.
Well, I'm going to try and find out how to add an avatar. lol
click the profile link at the top (silouette of a man on paper) and scroll down to the bottom and select profile info. you should be able to add an avatar from there.
Lol, that is super small!
haha... it's set at 65x65 pixels... I have the max set at 400x400 on this board.
ok, max being set to 400 causes some weird effects... they picture will have a scroll bar on the bottom and wont show the whole picture on the left... haha

I have the max width at 165 and height at 135.

I fixed your pic for you!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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