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Hi guys, I have had a 2008 2.5 ranger for about 3 years, it's been a good truck once I sorted out the "massive fuel leak" lie that the error code kicks up, once that was sorted it's been fine. I just upgraded to a 2013 2.2 and today was its first trip 140 miles and I found it lacking in power compared to the older one, but the ride was so much better so I am happy.

Two things, first this truck has been standing for some time and it was showing just over half a tank, I filled it to the brim and it stayed on half a tank, 30 or 40 miles in and it started to creep up until it was reading correctly, this is fine except I now have to wait to see if it goes to empty ( when I get that far ) So, is this a common thing that I am going to have to sort out, or is it just a hiccup ?

The second was the sat-nav, it was working perfectly, small by comparison to the Evoque but ample for a truck, about an hour in and following the guidance we went off course to stop for a munch, when we started again and drove back to the point we were before the detour we noticed the map was way off from where we were, in fact, another hour along and according to the nav we were swimming in the north sea.

We have removed the SD card, all looks OK, we stopped and turned it all off and on again, and still, it was way off course. It was a woman's voice giving us directions and I wonder if we upset her by stopping for a burger? :)

So, please give me a clue about the fuel gauge and more importantly the navvy lady.

Happy to be here

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