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New guy here...

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Hey all, just linked onto this site from RPS. Saw the link in a guys sig. Always want to be a member of every ranger forum. Lol. Lots to share.
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Welcome! Youve joined a great group of guys here! Tell us more about yourself and your truck!
Welcome do you got some spec's or pics i love pic's.
Well I built this truck last winter/summer. I finally got it driving in august. Now it's taken apart again as I decided to rebuild the engine and get the body ready for paint. The suspension is custom. It rides on air bags, all four corners. I built a 6 link rear.
92 Ranger, 2wd shortbox
306, 86 block, .030 TRW forged pistons, ARP rod bolts, E303 cam, GT40 heads, Edelbrock intake and carb.

The engine block was just honed and the mains were line bored. I had new cam bearings installed. The crank was polished.

I will start a thread on the truck, just not sure what area to put it in? Lowered suspension or V8?

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Wow!!! That truck is amazing! Looks like a mean street cruzin truck! If you have pics of the build of the truck then post it in the Builds Thread.
welcome your with a great group of guys best forum around add me as a friend -pat
Welcome to the site!

And what a fine Ranger you have! Very nice! ;D
welcome love it love it wish i had the motor but i love it. not often i see the valves by the bags nice lookin ride for sure

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Thanks guys. Look for a new thread in the under construction section soon!

Oh, I put the valves as close to the bags as I could. The reason is there's tank pressure all the way to the bags this way. It's that much less air I have to use to lift the truck. Make sense?
hell ya the only prob i see with that is leaks or the pressure alway in the lines could burst them over time but i do love it

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Yeah, there have been a few slow leaks that I had to take care of. The lines are DOT air brake line. No chance of bursting those. My tank pressure is 150psi but it once got to 260psi when the pressure switch stuck. Nothing happened other than the valves wouldn't open because of the pressure against them.
Now that is a lowered truck i might consider driving. I like it.s
i found them vids about a month ago just lookin for ranger vids. sick truck bro how are do you like that hei distributor i want to get that one

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The HEI is clean and easy. It's stock as of now but I plan on upgrading the ignition this time around with a DUI module.
I forgot to mention, I started a build thread in the under construction area for anyone who hasn't already seen it.
i thought that truck looked familiar.
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