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hey guys my name is joseph im from mississippi i have a 97 ranger 2wd 2.3 5spd reg cab with f150 coils and 2in blocks. I recently totalled the 97 its current state is sitting in the pasture waiting on the 302 and sas. I also have a 99 ranger 2wd 3.0 5spd reg cab with 31x10.5x15 mud kings on black steeles.I bought the truck for $250 with blown head gaskets i put $65 in head gaskets and she has been running strong ever since. It next mods will be 3in coil spacers and 3in body lift via my wonderful girlfriend. I am also in the process of running down the owner of a 97 ranger 2wd 4.0 5spd ext. cab hopefully i can get in touch with him this are my rides.
this was the 97

this is the 99 the day i bought it

this is the truck i am trying to buy for $400

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