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New Center Console Mod

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Hey guys, got bored today so i decided to make this guy up. Wanted a place to mount my GPS and Scan Gauge and ipod. I dont know how to use bondo so i just used wood, but it turned out pretty well, then used black fabric to cover it, the sides are open right now, so im gonna cut some more to fill in the gap. Anyone know how easy it would be to work with bondo on this scale?

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That's a good idea man! Could you get a picture from the side?
I would do fiber glass, it is stronger, then fill it in and shape it with bondo. I have found that they are both easy to use.
i was just about to suggest fiberglass... its the best stuff to use for that kind of work.
thanks, yeah ill get a side shot tommorow, and fiberglass hmm, how hard is it to work with? and where do i get it at home depot?
Yea home depot has it, ill come up with some tips, but it depends on what your going for.
If your doing body work its better to cover the hole with it then bondo. But if i were doing what your doing, i would make the shape i want out of wood or something, then put the fiber glass, then paint with the resin, it will be a finished product very quickly no bondo, and look nicer than any manufacturers.

I plan on doing this with my dash, which i have a mold for, (my old dash). And acouple speaker boxes, which ill carve a mold for.

If you dont want to spend alot of time, do a quick mold then shape with bondo. Then you can always paint with auto paint.
alright, cool thanks ahead of time for the tips, and okay, is bondo hard to use? just paint it onish? and as for the mold your talking about, do you mean just use wood to make it and then cover the wood with bondo?
well not bondo all over bondo is not supposed to be thinker than 1/4 inch. ill try and post some of my work in progress fiberglass center

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What he said. Do shape the wood to the shape you want, then use fiber glass, if you want it nice you wont want bondo at all. But if you need it in the end then you should use it just to make it smooth.
alright, cool thanks as usual guys! what do i need when working with fiberglass? heat im guessing?
Nope, you get the fiber glass cloth, dip it in the resin, put it on the shape you want, and smooth it out.
you can make some pretty amazing things with fiber galss!
hmm, intresting, thanks, so i need fiberglass sheets and resin? whats this resin or will it just be labeled resin in homedepot? sorry, so many questions!
should be labled... just ask the poeple at home depot if youre having trouble... there know where everything is in the store!
haha good point, it is there job! ;D ;D
yup yup. make them earn that money! lol
well there is a few different ways still but resin is a must and just go to the paint section at the depot and ask for it by name lol. also i would get cheap paint brushes and some of the qt mixing cups and some gloves. im going to post pics of my center so be sure to take a look.

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What he said definatly, not rubber gloves though it is really sticky.
not the cheap doctor style ones but you still need a low cost glove. i did see one guy building surf boards using the solvent safety gloves and just cleaning them after every use i might try that next time.

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1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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