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Hi new here, hoping I can get some insite.
Got a new.Tremor with oem trailer brake controller. Just got a new.trailer with brakes and 7 pin connector.
When I plug in all my lights work fine but my controller will not recognize the trailer brakes. Will not.light up. Called my trailer dealer they said it was the truck. Took dealer, they hooked up a test plug and it lit up right away and worked, so not the truck?
Hooked up another trailer and it works. Did some reading and found something about LED trailer.lights may cause and issue?
Opened up the trailer wiring box and used a old test light to the blue controller wire and it worked when the brakes are pressed but when I removed the test light it stopped working? So something to do with the lights apparantly.
When the test light is hooked.up to ground and blue I have brakes when I remove it nothing. Is it possible the LEDs must have enough resistance to turn on the controller? Thinking I may need to add a resistor on the trailer? No idea solve this other than wiring in a small incandescent bulb, as that seems to fix the issue?
Anyone else run I to this? Thanks
BTW, named my truck Bacon, my buddy has a Gladiator, he's Crow. Think Hollywood
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