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Need A Transmission

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I have a 1984 Ranger, 5 sp manual with a bad 2.8 motor. I have a 3.0 from a 1992 Taurus that I plan to install. I have the complete car so I will be able to use the wiring harness, etc. What automatic (besides one in a Ranger) will work with this installation? Thanks
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ford mini van or some ****. put up pics of that motor i want to how you get a fwd car motor to work in a ranger.i looked at this option once and decided that a v8 swap would be less hassle
You can use a fwd motor in a ranger, just you won't be able to use the trans. Unbolt the fwd trans and install a rwd trans and your good to go. Some auto trans that came in Rangers are the 4r44e, 4r55e, A4od, and manual trans had the M5OD
The 3.0 that came in Rangers was originally designed for the Taurus. Any trans from a 3.0 Ranger will work. The 3.0 doesn't share a bolt pattern with any other RBV motors. Also you should probably look into finding the wire harness from a 3.0 Ranger that way its all plug and play.
^^^ I didn't know that the 3.0 had a different bolt pattern. I just assumed it was all the same. Good info to know.
Lima 2.3's and Lima 2.5's share a pattern
2.8's, 2.9's and 4.0 OHV's share a pattern. The SOHC 4.0 has one bolt different at the 2 o'clock position, a SOHC 4.0 M50D HD tranny has an extra hole so it can go on either 4.0, but a regular M50D from an OHV 4.0 wont work on a SOHC 4.0.

3.0's don't share any patterns
Duratec 2.3's don't share any patterns
i was going to do this i have 4 of 5 of the fuckers . yes the block will go in but then what .,intake exhaust cooling system fuel the list goes on . the heater and rad hose connections end up in the cab? dont want to sound like a dick but i phycicaly checked this out. right in my own shop . thats why i have a v8 in my truck. but then i am sloue
sloue said:
thats why i have a v8 in my truck. but then i am sloue
where you go tall ranger :( i want to see how this is going to work :-X
lol asloue your funny as hell man lol
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