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my trucks new pics taken today

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i will have better pics later

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Truck's looking good man! Needs a bath!
it will later lol that was after i went through my new mud pit i'm makeing
Sweet pics man! Git-R-Dirty!
It sure is
We can tell bro. Lol :super:
hey ur truck would looks sweet with mud on it lol y aint u ever got any on it man
Because i haven't taken it wheeling in a long long time maybe I will splash some mud on it for you ha
na not for me do it for her lol
lol I haven't washed it in like 3 weeks so it is dirty but it does need a lil mud too
So Red Demon. . . What happened to the front bumper lol?
oh yea u weren't around hahaha well long story short my dad hit a deer at 3:00 am hahaha
Man i was gunna ask if it was a deer! Well. . it happens to the best of us haha. Those plastic bumpers are worthless though, are you gunna get a steel one now?
u need to go to my build thread and look through it and find the three bumpers that will be turned into one bumper i think u'll like it
it's in the under constrction thread
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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