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My Ranger

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Ok guys here is more pictures of my Ranger!!!!!

Ok guys I hope you like will post the Mustang and the car show tomorrow or Monday... 8)
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I love your truck man! Its simple and to the point! Very clean too! It threw me off how far the engine is sunk into the engine bay because of the lift. LOL
it looks good it simple but it stands out.
Sick pictures man! Very nice work right there!
Nice truck man. I really like where you put the gauge by the stick.
i like it man it is really clean lol now get it dirty >:?
thanks guys it is a real simple truck not much to it. I thought you guys would like those pictures. Thanks 8)
i love it clean to the point no fuckn around 8)
Yes sir now all it needs is a V8 ;D
u know what man i just thought of something u could do either black or white bushwhacker fender flares and black plastic bed rails the ones certain rangers came with the cool rugged looking ones
Yes I thought about that I have alot of plans for my truck now maybe I will have time to do it now that I will not be working.
I know you are don't worry you will be the first one I call. 8)
i was really liking it untile i saw the dime on the passenger floor mate. now i dont jk nice and clean looking good
simple to the point but slower than my dakota but man can it run red lights lol
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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