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My old Ranger

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I miss her sometimes, but she just doesnt compare to my new truck:

Here she is a 1994 Ranger XLT 4x2 Reg Cab 2.3L I4. Mocha Frost Color. When i bought her she had 120k on the clock and was TOTALLY stock. i give $2800 for her in 06'. sold her in 08'.


New Wheels and tires
-Sierra Radials
-Pacer Soft 8s 15x7 Chrome

New Sound System--she had NO Speakers and ther factory radio was just thrown in with all the wires exposed.

-Sony XPOD Headunit we give $180 for
-pioneer 5x7s all the way around.

New Toolbox
-Kobalt Low Profile

New Crystal Headlights and corners
New Billet Grille and upper Chrome Molding

Left side painted

What she looked like when i got her minus the toolbox (that is an old toolbox, not the low-profile one mentioned above)

In Between:



(w/ 265/75R15 All Terrains)


(w/ 255/70R15 Radials)
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I think i have the same rims.
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