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my next idea for the inside of my truck

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put these in and the neon olford installs will shine right off it looking sweet what do yall think? yes or no ?
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That would look cool with the reflection of the LED light.
I think it would look good! 8)
Yeah it would be alright 8)
it would be alot better than the carpet ****
Yes and easier to clean too.
I like my rubber flooring!
i've seen it i like it but alot of people i know have those
Yeah i couldnt survive with carpet in a truck. that would not go over too well.
You could use the roll on bedliner! Ive seen that in a restored BII. Looks great!
idk i kinda like the dimond plate stuff
It does look good! Easy to clean too!
And shinny too
like just replace the floor matts or the whole carpet with dimond plate?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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