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My new ranger!

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This is before i gave it a bath! more pics are coming

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heck ya! i was very surprised actually, it shits and gets lol. the pics kind of suck but once i get the stupid pollen wiped off ill take some more
na they are fine lol it's a pick up truck they are ment to be dirty lol >:?
ya its no 4x4 which sucks cuz im hunting freak!!!!! but i think its light enough to make my way around our property. .
it should be check my other post on ur other topic lol to finish this convo lol
no use havein the same convo on two things
That sure is a purdy truck my friend!!! Love the vista blue on it!!! Glad to hear you are happy with it! Cant wait to see more pictures!
Ya im so happy with the truck! my favorite part is that the floors are all rubber so all i gotta do is take a wet towel and wipe all the dirt and crap out. It makes things so easy!
Same as my Edge! It is so sweet! Easy to clean!
Nice truck bro... I love it ..
Thanks man! im probably going to do some minor things to it but keep it stock for the most part.
Yes your truck is way cool 8)
I appreciate it man! i was a little upset cuz my dad doesnt want me to crank the torsion bars. . . but whatever it looks fine stock
It looks good stock man! Ive never cranked mine. Thought about it and then thought that its a 2wd and is lower in the front for a reason. At least your engine isnt made entirely from cast iron! My block and heads are all iron! It will never crack but its heavy as hell!
Hahahah iron??? Why? Another thing i really like are the rims on the sport 4x4, they are the y-cast aluminum 16' rims. I figured if i found some of them for a good price i might consider buying some, but i cant find any!!! :(
Im not sure why. They just decided to make a few years of the 3.0 out of solid cast iron. Front heavy thats for sure. Got a picture of those rims?
no but if you go to and then go to the ranger tab, it shows a red sport 4x4 with the y-spoke rims on it
Ah, I see it. I personally want these rims!!!

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