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my muddy truck aka the Red Demon II

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i had a blast that night it was so fun :mad:
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wow, thats a muddy truck!
thats what happens when u don't know there is a hole on the other side of a hill down a trail where u can't turn around that has 2 feet of michigan mud lol i was crawling through it i think a snail could have gone faster man i was scared lol i was going an inch a min if i didn't have those new 33 inch km2's i would have been in trouble lol funny thing is my buddy has a green 97 ranger with 31 inch bfg all terrains and i had to pull him out but man it was a fun night aint nothing like owning a 4 wheel drive truck
it is fun! Id like to get me a F-150 Raptor to have some off road fun!
ive heard the insurance on those is outrageus
you bes dirty, do like
I know
i want to keep these and i want to get boggers for more fun stuff hehehehehe >:? :knight:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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