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my door inserts for my FX4 how i made them

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cut them out of brushed stainles steel plastic made a wood mold and then used a dremel to cut fx4 about 3/4's of the way into the wood than cut the leather to fit than used the stuffing from a pillow and glued it to the wood than glued the leather onto the wood i didn't put it where i cut fx4 into the wood than the steel fx4 was 3m double sided taped into place and i heat guned it so the glue inside hardend and and wood stapled the back of the leather onto the wood with small staples thats about it on how to make it
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Sick bro ;D
Well deserved :knight:
i made my sub and amp box too took the back seats out to do it
on my profile srry i aint perfected how to put them on here and i'm on my sisters computer and i don't have any pics on her computer so yall have to go to my profile and look at my pics but u wont be wasting ut time belive me u'll like them
Nice! lose the tails and you'd have one hell of a truck :p
what tails? lol and thanks i have big plans for it i bought it stock last october
Tail lights
i'm going to change them into black chome or smoked
Smoked would be best i think i love black and red look i just hate those altezza tails
red said: right there man those are the newones i am getting tell me what u think
Those are theones I eventually want for ole yeller!
they do look nice u done an awesome job
i have those on my truck they look realy cool
Nothing beats the 06+ Stock lights IMO. I never found a set cheap enough, so I settled on some 02 tails.

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