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My Chilton

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i couldn't resist. i just thought you guys would think this is funny!
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holy crap! think its time to get a new one? LOL
haha, thats what i figured you would say! LOL... i dont even have a chilton for my truck. lol
those are some good books i used to have one for my 94 ranger and it helped with a lot!

seems like you got all the good use out of yours lol
Duct tape, glue, and more Duct tape, it would be good as new. I have my Chilton somewhere around here.
ahhhh its just getting broke in.
thats funny **** right there man
Hell, at least yours is taped back together, my haynes had a little bit of water damage and decided to bag it and throw it back on the shelf.
Well, i guess you could say that mine is in my head! A little messed up and all but hey, my truck is still running! LOL
That manual has had some good use i still need to get my own. But that is definetly a keeper
Haha! That's awesome!

Hayne's is better... LOL ;D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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