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My 06, from then till now

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So, heres my 06 FX4. All thats done are DSG Alcoas, 1.5" t-bar crank, 32x11.50R15's, black interior, custom exhaust, S10 OHC, aftermarket stereo, Linexd, STX grille, Niteshaded tails and black headlights.


Yes, it can flex:

Got in an accident, but it got fixed:

Yea, I wheel a new truck(this is nothing, I know ;):

I added rock lights:

Blazer OHC:

Black interior:

Pioneer Premier DEH-980BT, Premier 6x8 3-ways, 760W Pioneer amp, 2 600W Pioneer subs:

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Very nice truck! Love the colors with the dark rims!
Thanks, just realized you can see the Bronco in two pics, lol.
Haha, looks good too! What are those flat lights/ leds in the grill?
They were just white leds, took em out cause they were useless.. Next up are new rims and some KM2's.
Nice! When you planning on doing that? And you could move the white leds to the rear and hook them into the reverse lights. If they are bright then they can be back up illumination lights!
I already have lights back there, and new wheels and tires when I get my check from my student loans.
Sweet! Where do you go to school?
Ivy Tech in East Chicago.
Ah sweet. Im Navy ROTC Mechanical Engineering Technology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.
Cool, I almost entered the AF, then after training I got hit by a car.. I still wann join, but can't...
The hit and run that made me need tires..

My speakers:

My wheels and tires:

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Oh my god... that OHC is fawkin awesome!!! me must have!
biglinc1 said:
nice pics man!! looks like the trip to the local mud hole was exciting!! haha...

oh and sorry about your accidnet... i had to get out of the army early because of a illness
Yea.. it happens.. Wish it didn't cause the pain sucks, but oh well.
rngrdanny22 said:
Oh my god... that OHC is fawkin awesome!!! me must have!
lol, you really like it eh? I got so much **** for using GM parts, lol.
who care's if its from something else that's how you make it yours
cvalcore said:
who care's if its from something else that's how you make it yours
Thats the way I see it. I do what suits me, not everyone else.
nasty ranger man i love the whole color scheme and everything nice truck man superlifted06fx4
ryan she looks good ol buddy, bout time u signed up haha
Thanks everyone, she still aint done yet. And Jeff, I told you I would, lol.
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