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Hello everyone!
First-time poster here. We, as in Morimoto and the rest of my team, have just recently released the new Ranger XB LED lights for pre-order and I wanted to give you guys more information on them, as well as be here to answer any questions you might have on them.
Here is an example of what the headlights look like -
Automotive lighting Automotive design Rectangle Automotive exhaust Automotive exterior

Up until now, there hasn't really been an aftermarket option for the 2019+ Rangers unless you were planning on doing a retrofit... which can definitely get difficult for someone who has never done one before. Morimoto wanted to change that and incorporate quality, performance, and aesthetics. I truly believe this is a game-changer for the Ranger aftermarket support.
These are 100% LED with no bulbs to change.

To get here, it took a lot of thought and design. Trail and error to find the best look and performance with no compromises. I have never shared these images before but figured this is a great place to do so.


This unit was designed with triple, bi-LED projectors. Other features include standard or sequential turn signals and a super bright LED DRL.
This is the first-ever unit in the Morimoto line-up to use a bi-LED projector for both low beam and high beam - and it shows when we did the testing.

Now here is the juicy part - I know the headlight looks good but the real question is.... how well does it perform? Is it even worth changing headlights if there isn't a big improvement?
The answer is all in the numbers, and of course, I have comparison pictures as well. Not only are they brighter, but also much wider than the OEM halogen headlight units.

Starting with the low beam, the OEM halogen was tested to be 450 max lux @ 25 feet. Now remember, Lumens is how brightly something is rated. Lux measures the actual usable light.
The Morimoto XB LED headlight unit came in at 800 max lux @ 25 feet. That is almost double the OEM performance.

The high beam is a smaller difference, but the XB LED unit intensifies the hot spot compared to the OEM halogen. The OEM was rated at 800 max lux @ 25 feet whereas the Morimoto XB LED unit was rated at 990 max lux @ 25 feet.
Light Rectangle Font Line Parallel

If the light output alone doesn't convince you that these headlights are a great upgrade, let me mention they have one of the best-looking start-up sequences on the market. The projectors illuminate in a 2-stage sequence before turning back off.... granted this adds no extra performance to the headlight itself.

The DRL is powered by Osram 5K LEDs and makes you easily visible even on the brightest of days. The turn signal uses the same optics but is paired with an amber color, again you can use this as both a standard or sequential turn signal.

These headlights meet and exceed SAE, DOT, and FMBSS 108 regulations when aimed properly. These units are fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

Arguably the best part about this headlight unit is the fact it is completely plug and play. There is no custom or additional wiring to do during install. No error codes, flickering, hyper flashing, radio interference. They also DO NOT void factory warranties since they are an OEM+ option.



I would absolutely love to hear your feedback on this headlight unit. Also curious if you guys plan on adding this to your list of mods?

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How much?
You can get them from the master dealer to save some $$, The Retrofit Source. Theyre actually having a 15% off sale right now too.
Feel free to use my promo code "BRIGHTWINNER" for a free pair of T10 LEDs and a chance to win more prizes!
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