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I just bought a 2004 supercab 4x4 xlt with 200k miles. It runs and drives great. I did not pay much and it is high mileage so i did not expect much BUT.
in troubleshooting a non operating park brake I removed the right rear brake drum and behold every brake part is missing except the brake cylinder.
The reservoir is full of fluid, the front brakes worked fine and it appears that the left rear also works. My question is how does the brake system work with out blowing out the right rear brake cylinder pistons and losing all the fluid?
I can buy brake shoes and a parts kit but the parts kits do not have all of the missing parts. Does anyone have a donor truck they are parting out and will sell me all the right rear brake parts? 51232C95-744D-4B0A-A826-3273242E124D.jpeg BE60DDF0-94C7-438B-AAEF-4DD96739A723.jpeg
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