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I have some odds and ends from some Gen III Rangers laying around

Central/NE Ohio area

Open to offers

Willing to ship on buyers dime

Everything fits 93-97 Ranger unless noted otherwise

1354 Electric shift T case-75

Header panel w/ turn signals (mint cond. white)-50

pass fender (mint cond. white)-40

Almost new front bumper w/ new brackets (not chrome)-80

stock rear springs-30

2.3/2.5 2wd M50D case (you can have a set of 4.0 gears too)-20

2-peice 4x4 rear shaft-20

Sliding rear window (reg cab)-30

Almost new tailgate w/ no dings (spray bombed white prob needs repainted)-50

4x4 trans crossmember-20

rear sway bar-20

stock TTB brackets/ coils-20

95 amp alt-20

Bed liners for long and short beds w/ tailgate gaurds-20

8.8 28 spline axle shafts-20

98+ shoft boot/cupholders-20

I also have a few Exploder parts

130 amp alt-20

95+ rear swaybar-20

130 amp on left 95 amp on right

header panel w/ headlights and corners


98+ shift boot


rust free tailgate seam
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