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Who should be named March 2010 ROTM?

March 2010 ROTM - Voting Thread! (FINAL)

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Well, the results of the preliminary round are in! The voting turnout was great, but we still had a tie for third place! So this month, we will have [size=14pt]4[/size] trucks in the final voting!

The nominees are:





Good luck to everyone!
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My vote is in 8)
As is mine. :super:
red said:
****** well my vote is in
LOL... there's always next month!
yes there is trust me I have been saying that for a few months hahahaha
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet i made it this far my vote is in
My final vote is cast, may the best truck win...
Lol, nominated never voted for :D

Oh and I voted.
Yea I know
Thanks Buddy. ;D
no prob man now if u could only get ur laptop going lol
If only, I just found out my GF throw the charger away. So I might have to order a new charger. :-[
say WHAT lol i'd be mad lol but u should so get one lol
Its a good race guys! Get those votes in!!!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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