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Who are the top three?

March 2010 ROTM Preliminary Round!

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Good morning everyone!

This month, we will be starting with a 5-day preliminary round to narrow down the choices to [size=14pt]3[/size]. After the 5-day round (on March 26th), the final voting will begin.

On the poll above, you can actually vote for threee different vehicles at the same time, but no more than three!

The nominees are:







Red Demon II:

Good luck to all the nominees!

Thank you!
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my votes in 8)
I don't like the one for mine either. :D
mine should be a clean pic of my truck lol so u can see the rimsa and nice paint
The race is really heating up! ;D
yup yup!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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