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March 2010 ROTM - Nomination Thread

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I decree the nominations now open! :knight:
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rngrdanny22 said:
That's cvalcore, right sloue?

Just wanna make sure... LOL!
sorry Danny yep i for got to put hes name down i was trying to get the pic bigger and got pissed about it and well iam a little sloue at this ( ill share my lithium , :D :D) glad i missed the soap opra.
i love this pics it just says IAM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS
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cvalcore said:
how is this going to work. i really wont to win hint hint :-*
i really want you to win also
cvalcore said:
thanks sloue for rooting for me waaaaaho
u bet yours deserves it. i am just happy being nom ever time . >:?
1 - 5 of 97 Posts
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