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March 2010 ROTM - Nomination Thread

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I decree the nominations now open! :knight:
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Well, didnt we discuss at one point that we may eventually go to where members can nominate up to 2 people and then if we have more than 6 or so then we would do 2 rounds of voting to narrow it down. You think that may be a soultion to get more opportunities?
That works for me! Did you want to start it this month?
Mind Games! HAHA, thats funny man!
I love my 2wd ranger! Future race/ street truck!
Haha, why thank you very much! lol
haha, its funny cuz everytime i go somewhere in it i always get at least one text from a friend saying that they just saw me on the streets in it! Funny how everyone is able to notice my truck so easily but I never notice their cars! LOL
Theres others but i dont mean to brag but my yellow ranger is the best taken car of one in VA Beach. I hate seeing the other couple yellow ranger edges drive around with black front rims from a year of brake dust and the yellow paint turning black from never being washed.
I feel the same way when I see them. I just want to go steal them from their abusive owners so that they can live a good life! And most of them are the 4x4 extended cab. I just want to give them a good bath! LOL
rngrdanny22 said:
hmmm... if that's the case, maybe we should go ahead and start the narrowing down to 5 candidates this month. What do you guys think?
It probably would be a good idea to go ahead and try the double voting like we talked about. Lots of nominations! We're growing man!!! ;D
Did you want to start that this month Danny?
Sweet! Sounds good to me!
1 - 13 of 97 Posts
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