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Magnaflow magnapack video

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Now this isnt the best video i shot it with my phone quick with the help of my wife on the gas but it is what it is.

Ill take another one with a better camera later.

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na it's all good and that sounds nice man but i wonder what a flowmaster super 44 would sound like on it man
lol than leave it like it is hahahaha i was just spittin ideas out lol
elmo nothing u do really can make ur 4.0 give u a headache lol
well thats the thing ur 4.0 is not his 4.0 dude lol his is a 91 and urs is a 02 completly diff engines and diff horsepower and torque so there for the sound u hear in this vid will not be the same as iff it was on ur 02 the best i have found to sound good on the 01 to 03 rangers with out taking the cats off which is illegal is the flowmaster super 44 or 40 series mufflers or if u want loud than 3 inch straight pipe right after the cats all the way back.
it depends on the aplication u are useing it for people
I have had both nad they are both awsome mufflers. flow masters have an awsome reputation and so do magnaflows. the mufflers are going to perform different for every aplication and or driver. flowmasters are generally made for the average vehicle to give it perfomance and a good tone and to keep fuel milage up. magnaflows are generally for the engines that like to create there power more in the top end like 4cyl and most newer V8 cars. and for everyones information the magnaflow magnapack is the same as a glass pack exept that it has a different compound of fiberglass packing so it will be quite at idle and Really loud when the led gets put down. in my own opinion everyone should check out pypes, they are like a magnaflow magnaflow but they sound way different, thats what my mustang has on it. oh and pro-stock dragsters use the flowmaster muffler that is a straight through design and not a chambered muffler and there new muffler the hushpower is the same way.
exactly like i said it depends on the application
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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