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Lowering with T-bar...

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Okay, i know stuff about body lifts and things like that but not too much about the lowering of trucks... I know that the rear you just flip the leaf springs but is a kit needed for that?

Also, every kit that I see for the Ranger to drop it in the front has coil springs but I have the torsion bars in my truck. Is there special kits for Rangers with the T-bars or do I just crank the front ride height down?

Any help would be great for the possible future of Ol Yeller! Thanks!
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You can crank them down or remove them

if you remove them the ride quality sucks

You could do a coil over swap
I saw the coil over swap but I guess that could be one of those things way down the road. I guess just cranking them down would be best, easiest, and cheapest since its free!

Do you know if a kit is needed for flipping the leaf springs?

I kinda have the image of a Lightning Bolt style Ranger so I want it to have a low sport stance but not something too low.
dont crank them down too far though... the bolts might actually come out... LOL
Yeah, that wouldnt be too good! I wonder how far they can go down and still be safe. My image is having the truck a few inches lower in the front so that I can get some good SVT rims in there and then drop the rear about the same amount to have the rear a little higher... just like the F-150 Lightning.
That would look pretty sick!
That would be sweet If I could get that to work... and then put these sweet babies on those axles...

boy do i need to win the lottery!
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Those would be sweet as hell!
Sucky thing is they are like 400 a pop for just the rim! Yikes!
holy crap! that's expensive as hell!
You should also remove the stock block in there rear that will lower the back down also. Stock edge blocks are 2" tall. If you removed them you would need new U bolts also

Most guys buy chevy drop shackles and use them to raise the truck. I guess you could use them for the opposite effect.

Stock edge block
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Yeah, I figured if I lower the front with the t-bar some and take the 2 inch blocks out of the rear then ill pretty much be at a decent height. That will probably actually give me the height I am wanting. Do you think so?

and thats the price of great SVT rims! only the best!
I would do the rear first with removing the block and then see how much u want the front.

If you end up taking the bolts down more on the bars. I would remove them and just get a bolt thats the same but shorter to it is not to loose in there. Hope that makes sense
It does make sense... the shorter bolt shouldnt be too hard to get would it? Ive never messed with my t-bars so im kinda not sure. So for the rear i would need new U bolts which I could probably get from a normal ranger at a junk yard and the drop shackles would be for more drop?
ok hold on a min. yes the chevy shackles lower a chevy and lift a ranger but you cant use them to lower a ranger. to lower a ranger cheap you would first pull the lift block for about 2". if you want more than that in the rear you would flip the rear hanger it should be like six rivets and two bolts to pull the hangers and you need to buy new bolts to put them hangers back on. the old u bolts should still work. for the front im sorry but i have not lowered a t bar front end. when i had my 96 xplore with the t bars i just cranked it all the way down

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well you dont flip the leaves lol well i guess you could but you might have to notch the frame. what alot of people do is flip the rear axle so its like an explorer set up, the leaves are under the axles
what do you mean don't flip the spring's i bought a 79 Chevy luv low rider that had a good body that i wonted and when i test drove it it was all over the road and bouncing like no other the guy didn't have a jack so i could look at the suspension but i really didn't care i just wonted the body. when i got home i looked under there and the rear leafs where flipped up side down and the adjustment bolt's for the torsion bar's where gone good thing i only payed $150 bucks for it.
really? wow i never heard of that i only heard of flipping the axle and thats what im assuming he meant
Nah. I guess you can flip the leaf sproings on mine with a special kit and then lower the torsion bars all the way down. I wont do it for a long time but when I do I want to do coilovers in the front!
yea i wanna try and flip the key on my tbars next day i have off. and i heard its best to get a panacake dampener instead of just not having one so ill prolly do that. but then againg i may wait bc i dont have time to get it aligined. idk but im just sick of having my edge be so difficult
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