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After using search I haven't found this specific issue. If I've overlooked please point me in the right direction. Scary loss of brakes last night for my son as he was driving our ranger. Brakes went to the floor but he was able to avoid traffic and get into a parking lot. Right front hose/fitting came loose and had big loss of fluid. It's sitting in a parking lot now and I'm trying to determine exactly what to do. Below is a picture of what I found (you have to look close because the pic is dark but there is a metal spindle that the hose to the left should slide onto).

I have never seen a fitting like this so not sure if [1] I can simply push the boot back down on the spindle as it came loose OR [2] if this is a "broken" connection that needs to be replaced. I've done quite a few brake jobs but like I said this is a type of connection I've not seen before and haven't been able to find it on any of the parts websites I'm accustomed to using.

Appreciate any feedback and help. I would love to get it home to my garage to work on but realize this may be a job to do where it sits. Greg


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