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Level II Tow Hooks finally!!

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I finally recieved my Level II tow hooks for the Ranger. I bought these off of a guy for $65, not bad! They were a little dirty when i got them, but nothing a little degreaser and a rag didnt take care of. Then I took out the metal polish and went to town!

(this was before metal polish)

what do ya think!
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not bad for 65 bucks, they look brand new
I built my whole bumper for 65 But those hooks look pretty badass, are you going to get the one for the rear as well?
PlumCrazy said:
I built my whole bumper for 65 But thats hooks look pretty badass, are you going to get the one for the rear as well?
Yeah they look new because i soaked them in degreaser and polished them! Nah they wern't bad when i got them, just dirty.


Got up early this morning and headed to the shop and got a start on the tow hooks. I got the driver side put on last night and got so aggravated that i gave up on the passenger side. The passenger side is no joke, no room to work and stupid header panel was in the way. i got all but one bolt off and it was STUCK! When I took and impact gun to it and it didn't budge, i knew i was in trouble! i pb blasted it and even tried long breaker bar with no luck. Finally got mad at it and took a stubby wrench and a dead blow hammer and got the job done. You know after i broke it loose, it was still so tight and hung that the impact wrench and breaker bar still didn't touch it! I had to hammer it until is was almost all the way out. Call me wimp or whatever, but it was seriously held tight! Anyways on to the pics! Look past dirty truck, its been raining all week.

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cool, i like my tow hooks that were previously used for towing tractor trailers though.
look there so cute lol and tine lol as long as they do the job right
looks nice man i like ur truck keep up the mods and pics
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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