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KC Vinyl Cover Fix

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I was looking through some of my old threads and figured I would share some info with everyone here as well

I don't know if this is a common problem or not, but I have a set of 6x9's and the Vinyl covers that are supposed to have an elastic band to hold them on won't stay on. So I went to Lowes and and bought some rivet on snaps. I put one half on the screw on the side of the light and I riveted the other half through the cover. I know this was a simple fix, but I figured I would share it with everyone on here anyway.

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that's a pretty genious idea! I probly woulda got pissed off and threw them away! LOL
I spend a lot of time on the freeway to and from school and I am always worried a little rock will hit and crack the glass lense, so I like to run the covers on freeway (cant turn them on anway).
thats a great idea and most states have laws saying you need to cover your off road lights anyways. another great sticky hint hint lol

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lmao at rngrdanny i would have done the same thing fuck these thing garbage back asap lol
Great idea
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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