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Just some pics of Ole Yeller!

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New to the site, already posted that thread but heres some pics of the truck. Enjoy!

And for the streetglow!

And I got a side job that I started. JBCustoms is what its called. I do custom jobs with Streetglow and other audio equiptment for peoples cars and trucks throught the 7 cities area of SE VA. Heres the business card that displays my truck and two of my clients cars.

If anyone ever is looking to buy some streetglow then just hit me up. I get all streetglow products for much cheaper than retail through business partnerships in the area. Just hit me up!
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very clean!
Nice lighting very clean and of course blue.. I like it..
why thank you sir!
How did you get your pics so big on this post I can't figure out how to do it
ummm. haha. well when I put them on the compter I just uploaded them to photobucket and then copy and pasted the image code for each one and put them on the forum. They just happened to be that big doing it that way.
Yep thats how i did it too.
Photobucket is the best way... check out Dyllan's thread in the "site suggestions" category
thank ya mr BADINTEN!
Yes the blue is pretty cool
sexy eh? you should see the driver! haha
haha... whoops!
Yes i think i will thro up too hahahaha... No way just playing no for real those lights are sweet....
thanks! too bad there arent a lot of night shows where i am!
yes we don't have very many were i am at either unless you go to the race tracks..
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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